Books that Rhyme

These books are perfect for toddler and young child storytimes because of the rhyming text. The rhyming text makes them an easy and fun read aloud that will engage the whole group.

Do Like a Duck Does

Citation: Hindley, J., & Bates, I. (2002). Do like a duck does. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press.  Ages:  0 - 8 Grades: PreK - Grade 1 Description: In Do Like a Duck Does, a mother duck is on a walk with her five ducklings, when suddenly a sixth, tall, furry, brown duck joins the group, claiming Read More

The Animal Boogie

Citation: Harter, D. (2000). The animal boogie. New York: Barefoot Books.  Ages: 2 - 6 Grades: PreK - Grade 1 Description:  Harter’s The Animal Boogie invites readers and listeners into the jungle to see many of the different animals that live there: bears, monkeys, elephants, and leopards. The animals wiggle and shake throughout the jungle. Read More

Tiptoe Joe

Citation: Gibson, G. F., & Rankin, L. (2013a). Tiptoe Joe. New York, NY: Greenwillow Books.  Ages: 2 - 8 Grades: PreK - Grade 1 Description: In Gibson’s text, readers are introduced to Tiptoe Joe, a large brown bear who has a secret to share. Wearing his red sneakers, Tiptoe Joe walks through the forest inviting Read More


Citation: Cronin, D., & Menchin, S. (2009). Stretch. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers. Ages: 0 - 5 Grades: PreK - Kindergarten Description: Stretch is the third of Cronin’s books that features the same, cheerful, and active dog as Wiggle and Bounce. In Stretch, the dog leads readers and other animal characters first through Read More


Citation: Cronin, D. (2007). Bounce (First Edition edition.). New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers. Age: 0 - 5 Grades: PreK - Kindergarten Description:  Featuring the same dog protagonist, Bounce is Cronin’s follow-up to Wiggle. In a similar style to Wiggle, the canine protagonist bounces in a number of places, with a variety of animal Read More

Dancing Feet!

Citation: Craig, L., & Brown, M. T. (2010). Dancing feet! New York: Alfred A. Knopf.  Ages: 0-7 Grades: PreK - Kindergarten Description: Craig’s Dancing Feet! encourages readers to get moving and to guess who is dancing along to the beat of the text through rhymes and images.  The book begins with “Tippity! Tippity! Little black Read More

Clap Your Hands

Citation: Cauley, L. B., Weiss, J., G.P. Putnam’s Sons, & South China Printing Co. (1992). Clap Your Hands. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.  Ages: 0 - 8 Grades: PreK - 1 Description:  Clap Your Hands is a rhyming text that invites readers to move along with the story from cover to cover. Using rhyming words, Read More

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

Citation: Cabrera, J. (2010). Here We Go Round the Mulberry bush. New York: Holiday House.  Ages: 2 and up Grades: PreSchool - Grade 1 Description: Cabrera’s Here we go round the mulberry bush takes the familiar nursery rhyme and uses it as a framework to tell the story of two puppies, on a cold and Read More

The Yoga Game

Citation: Beliveau, K., & Zaman, F. (2012). The Yoga Game. [Vancouver]: Simply Read Books.  Age: 0-8 Grade: PreK - 2nd Description: In The Yoga Game, Beliveau uses riddles to teach children the yoga concepts of balance, breath, and focus. The book uses rhymes, as well as the riddles to take children through a whole yoga Read More

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