Citation: Harter, D. (2000). The animal boogie. New York: Barefoot Books. The Animal Boogie

Ages: 2 – 6

Grades: PreK – Grade 1

Description:  Harter’s The Animal Boogie invites readers and listeners into the jungle to see many of the different animals that live there: bears, monkeys, elephants, and leopards. The animals wiggle and shake throughout the jungle. The book has bright, colorful images of the animals moving about, and includes a musical score to The Animal Boogie.  

Uses: The Animal Boogie is a great book for a music and movement storytime. Librarians and teachers who are more musically inclined can play the tune provided for children, while they shake and wiggle away. Librarians/teachers can read the story and ask children to shake and move along with the different animals, and/or play the song after the story concludes.

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Tags:  rhyme, animals, jungle, dance