Join the thousands of libraries around the world promoting healthy living by trying out these five quick ideas. For more in-depth instruction check out our Programs Ideas, Resources, and don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter and stay connected on social media.

Idea #1: Host a healthy living fair

The best way to start is to invite a bunch of local and regional groups to come to your library on a particular day to offer a smorgasbord of healthy living options and information to your community. Learn more about how to offer this program here.

If you like, you can focus your healthy living fair around a theme. In Denton, Texas, the public library won an award from the Urban Libraries Council for its bike parade, an annual program focused on increasing physical activity and bike safety. In Durham, Connecticut the library held a Holistic Health Fair that featured workshops and informational booths on wellness practices like meditation and mind-body practices like T’ai Chi and acupuncture. Have cooking and exercise demos in your meeting room while groups do things like health screenings and insurance sign-ups in the library foyer. Tailor your event to local needs and interests. But whatever you do, make sure to make it interactive and immersive. Tell partners we want them to engage the community, not simply provide them with information.

Idea #2: Set a feasible benchmark for success, write it down, and share it!

Don’t start to big. Set a goal of offering one healthy living activity at your library every 3 months till you get the hang of it. Whatever goals you set, write them down, and ideally make them part of your strategic plan.

Idea #3: Use our logo to participate in the Let’s Move in Libraries community

More and more libraries now use our logo to help promote their programs, and to promote the idea of healthy living at the library. You too can use our logo to get started with your programming. Download the Let’s Move In Libraries logo here.

Idea #4: No space, no problem!

We frequently hear librarians tell us they’d love to do this programming but they just don’t have the space. Well, take it outside! A great way to start is with a StoryWalk. Check out our program idea page to get started. Gardening is also a wonderful way to take programs outside. Check out our blog post for the Children & Nature Network on outdoor programs and finding nature with your library card for more ways to take your programs outside.

Idea #5: Consistency is key!

Whatever you do to get started, don’t let the momentum drop. We have found that the libraries doing healthy living programming with the most success make a core part of their libraries. For more inspiration, check out our Healthy Living at the Library stories page, and don’t forget to share your story as.


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