Photo and story from Mary Beth McQuaid, Youth Services Librarian, Ingalls Memorial Library, in Rindge, New Hampshire (pop 6,200)
“The Teen Garden was started in 2018. I’m the Youth Services Librarian, and with support from my director, Donna Straitiff, we began a garden!
It all came together fairly quickly, and wasn’t too difficult! We spoke to the town about adding a raised-bed garden on our property, and they didn’t have a problem with it. We were able to get wood donated by local business Belletete’s, soil was donated by KDI Landscaping, and herbs and small plants were donated by a trustee. My dad, who is a town resident and is talented with woodworking, was able to build the garden itself.
Once it was built, my Teen Advisory Board (and siblings) came together to plant the garden! Every week or so we would weed it during meetings, and we would alternate who watered it. I also live locally, so I was able to run to the library and make sure it was watered if needed.
It grew quickly and was successful- we had a quite a harvest of different herbs and flowers. It was a lot of fun, and seeing it grow was really satisfying!”