Citation: Hindley, J., & Bates, I. (2002). Do like a duck does. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press. Do Like a Duck Does

Ages:  0 – 8

Grades: PreK – Grade 1

Description: In Do Like a Duck Does, a mother duck is on a walk with her five ducklings, when suddenly a sixth, tall, furry, brown duck joins the group, claiming he is just another duckling. Mother duck, however, is not convinced. She puts the imposter fox through a number of challenges that ducks could pass with ease: waddling, scuttling, and swimming.  The fox doesn’t pass the tests, proving he is not one of the ducklings.

Uses:  The drama, rhyme, rhythm, and images of Do Like a Duck Does make it a natural choice for toddler and preschool storytimes. Librarians and teachers can get children up and moving by having them prove their duckie prowess and following the Mama Duck’s instructions. Children can pretend to be swimming, etc.  This could be done during the story, or after. This story also lends itself to a simple obstacle course where the children do all of the Mama Duck’s challenges.

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