Citation: Cronin, D., & Menchin, S. (2009). Stretch. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.Stretch

Ages: 0 – 5

Grades: PreK – Kindergarten

Description: Stretch is the third of Cronin’s books that features the same, cheerful, and active dog as Wiggle and Bounce. In Stretch, the dog leads readers and other animal characters first through a yoga class, and then through a variety of other places, such as outer space and in the trees.  The book features the same stylistic bold and bright images as Wiggle and Bounce.

Uses: Similarly to Cronin’s other stories, Stretch is sure to delight toddler and young child storytime audiences. The simple rhyming text and the bright images will capture listener’s attention. The book can be read to students, and students can be invited to stretch along with the animals as they go through the story. Teachers/librarians can also take students through a stretching workout after the book has been read. Wiggle, Bounce, and Stretch can all be used in one program, or separately in a series of storytimes.  

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Tags: dogs, animals, stretching, rhyme, Doreen Cronin