Citation: Craig, L., & Brown, M. T. (2010). Dancing feet! New York: Alfred A. Knopf. Dancing Feet

Ages: 0-7

Grades: PreK – Kindergarten

Description: Craig’s Dancing Feet! encourages readers to get moving and to guess who is dancing along to the beat of the text through rhymes and images.  The book begins with “Tippity! Tippity! Little black feet! Who is dancing that tippity beat?” with small pictures of feet around the page.  The next page answers that ladybugs are the animals dancing, complete with a full page picture of ladybugs. The book continues in this fashion through a number of animals.

Uses: Dancing Feet!’s rhyming text and large, vibrant collage images make it perfect for a toddler storytime.  The question and answer format of the book will get kids involved in the story, while also encouraging them to dance along.  This book can be used in a program about dance or animals, and librarians/teachers can invite children to dance like each animal while the book is being read, or when it is finished.

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