Books for Family Storytime

These books are ideal resources to be read out loud in a small family storytime.

Pretend You’re a Cat

Citation: Marzollo, J., & Pinkney, J. (1990). Pretend You’re a Cat. New York: Dial Books for Young Readers.   Ages: 4 - 8 Grades: PreK - 8 Description:  Pretend You’re a Cat invites readers and listeners to move like various animals: a cat, a dog, a fish, and a bee. Marzollo uses a repetitive rhyming Read More

Peaceful Piggy Meditation

Citation: Maclean, K. L. (2004). Peaceful Piggy Meditation (1 edition.). Morton Grove, Ill: Albert Whitman & Company. Ages: 4-9; teens and adults who are differently abled - with adjustments. Grades: PreK - Grade 3 Description:  Peaceful Piggy Meditation is Maclean’s straightforward lesson to young children about the benefits of meditation for their emotional, mental, and Read More

One, Two, Three, Jump!

Citation: Lively, P., & Ormerod, J. (1999). One, two, three, jump! New York: M.K. McElderry Books. Ages: 2 - 8 Grades: PreK - 1 Description:   In One, Two, Three, Jump! a young frog sets out on an adventure to see the world around him. He is watched by a dragonfly, who keeps him safe on Read More

The Hokey Pokey

Citation: La Prise, L., Macak, C. P., Baker, T., & Hamanaka, S. (1996). The hokey pokey. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. Ages: 4 - 9 Grades: PreK - 3 Description:  In this book, La Prise covers all of the lyrics of the original Hokey Pokey song.  On each page, children Read More

Bouncing Time

Citation: Hubbell, P., & Sweet, M. (2000). Bouncing time. New York: HarperCollins Publishers.  Ages: 0 - 4 Grades: Pre-K Description: Bouncing Time is the story of a young child and her mother as they take a day trip to the zoo. The pair see different animals at the zoo: tigers tumble, while monkeys somersault.  Eventually Read More

Do Like a Duck Does

Citation: Hindley, J., & Bates, I. (2002). Do like a duck does. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press.  Ages:  0 - 8 Grades: PreK - Grade 1 Description: In Do Like a Duck Does, a mother duck is on a walk with her five ducklings, when suddenly a sixth, tall, furry, brown duck joins the group, claiming Read More

Tiptoe Joe

Citation: Gibson, G. F., & Rankin, L. (2013a). Tiptoe Joe. New York, NY: Greenwillow Books.  Ages: 2 - 8 Grades: PreK - Grade 1 Description: In Gibson’s text, readers are introduced to Tiptoe Joe, a large brown bear who has a secret to share. Wearing his red sneakers, Tiptoe Joe walks through the forest inviting Read More

Ten Go Tango

Citation: Dorros, A., & McCully, E. A. (2000). Ten go tango. New York: HarperCollinsPublishers.  Ages: 3-6 Grades: Pre-K - Kindergarten Description: Ten Go Tango is a story that combines the concept of counting with a story of music and dancing animals. As the numbers progress 1 - 10, the appropriate number of animals is depicted Read More

Who Hops?

Citation: Davis, K. (1998). Who hops? San Diego: Harcourt Brace.  Ages:  2 - 8 Grades: PreK - Grade 1 Description:  Who hops? begins by asking this question, which is then followed by simple, full page spreads that answer that frogs, rabbits, and kangaroos hop. The book then asserts that “cows hop!” followed by an image Read More


Citation: Cronin, D., & Menchin, S. (2009). Stretch. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers. Ages: 0 - 5 Grades: PreK - Kindergarten Description: Stretch is the third of Cronin’s books that features the same, cheerful, and active dog as Wiggle and Bounce. In Stretch, the dog leads readers and other animal characters first through Read More

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