Citation: Hubbell, P., & Sweet, M. (2000). Bouncing time. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. Bouncing Time

Ages: 0 – 4

Grades: Pre-K

Description: Bouncing Time is the story of a young child and her mother as they take a day trip to the zoo. The pair see different animals at the zoo: tigers tumble, while monkeys somersault.  Eventually the pair bounce home and through the evening activities until bed.  

Uses: Bouncing Time is ideal for a baby/guardian storytime, or a young toddler storytime where parents/guardians are with their children. The book encourages interaction between parents and children. Librarians can read the book and parents can move their babies to the different activities: ex – bounce the baby while the giraffes jump, etc.  For toddlers, librarians can ask them to mimic the movements of the different animals. For this book, librarians should encourage parents/guardians to interact with the children, thus providing not only a storytime activity, but also a chance to share information literacy skills with parents.

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Tags: zoo, animals, bouncing, rhyme