Citation: Davis, K. (1998). Who hops? San Diego: Harcourt Brace. Who Hops?

Ages:  2 – 8

Grades: PreK – Grade 1

Description:  Who hops? begins by asking this question, which is then followed by simple, full page spreads that answer that frogs, rabbits, and kangaroos hop. The book then asserts that “cows hop!” followed by an image of a cow trying unsuccessfully to hop, and the caption of “it would never work.”  The book continues in a similar structure, asking what animals slither, fly or swim. Davis ends the book by asserting to readers or listeners that they are the animal that can perform all of the activities.  The book features vibrant images, and a simple structure that will invite children to participate.

Uses:  With the predictable structure and vibrant, bold images, Who hops? is an ideal choice for a toddler or preschool storytime. Children will be quick to pick up the pattern of the book, and will soon scream “No they don’t!” when the mentioned animal cannot perform the activity. Librarians can invite children to move like the animals (swim, hop, etc) during the story, or at the end, when Davis focuses the attention back on the audience.

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Tags: animals, animal movements, exercise