Books for Toddlers/Young Children

These books are ideal for programs and storytimes for toddlers and young children. They feature bright colors and large pictures, as well as engaging texts.

If You’re Hoppy

Citation: Sayre, A. P., & Urbanovic, J. (2011). If You’re Hoppy. New York: Greenwillow Books. Ages: 0-7 Grades: PreK - Kindergarten Description: Based upon the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It”,  Sayre and Urbanovic introduce readers to different animals and their actions. The book begins “If you’re hoppy and you know it you’re Read More

Dunk Skunk

Citation: Rex, M. (2005). Dunk skunk. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons. Ages: 2-5 Grades: PreK - K Description: Dunk Skunk is a simple story of animals engaged in different types of sports. Each page depicts the animals in action, and the story is told with simple, two word rhymes such as “Coach Roach” or “Hurdle Read More

Stretch and Play

Citation: Posner-Sanchez, A., Darcy, P., Kurtz, J., & Levin, J. (2002). Stretch and play. New York: Random House. Ages: 0-4 Grades: PreK Description: Stretch and Play is a Disney, Winnie the Pooh board book for young children that features flaps for children to lift and look under. In the book, Pooh stretches, runs, and plays. Read More

Bearobics: A Hip-Hop Counting Story

Citation: Parker, V., & Bolam, E. (1997). Bearobics: A Hip-Hop Counting Story. New York: Viking. Ages: 3-8 Grades: PreK - 2 Description: In Bearobics: A Hip-Hop Counting Story, a single bear takes his boom-box into the forest. As he plays his music, more and more animals join the fun, each doing their own dance.  As Read More

Animal Action ABC

Citation: Pandell, K., Wolfe, A., & Sheehan, N. (1996). Animal Action ABC. New York: Dutton Children’s Books. Ages:  3 - 7 Grades: PreK - 1 Description:  Animal Action ABC is part ABC concept book, part poem about movement. Each letter of the alphabet is paired with a different action verb and poem that encourages readers Read More


Citation: Page, R.  and Jenkins, S. (2006). Move! Boston Mass.: HMH Books for Young Readers. Ages: 3-9 Grades: PreK - 3 Description: In Move! readers are introduced to a number of animals, and how they move. Whales dive, gibbons swing, and snakes slither. The book also features a description of each animal and its habits. Read More

Tickle, Tickle! Itch, Twitch!

Citation: Olson, J. (2010). Tickle, tickle! itch, twitch! New York: Marshall Cavendish Children.  Ages: 2 - 5 Grades: PreK - K Description: Tickle, Tickle! Itch, Twitch! is the story of Gus the groundhog, who loves spending summer days lazily sitting in the shade. One day, Gus gets an itch, and it must be scratched! Little Read More

Ready, Set, Skip!

Citation: O’Connor, J., & James, A. (2007). Ready, set, skip! New York: Viking. Ages: 2 - 8 Grades: PreK - 2 Description: Ready, Set, Skip! is the story of a young girl who does not know how to skip. She does, however, know how to do many things, such as: twirling, hopping, and leaping.  Eventually, Read More

Hand Book

Citation: Newman, J. (2011). Hand book. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. Ages: 3 - 8 Grades: PreK - 2 Description: Newman’s Hand Book follows a set of hands as a they grow up, and experience the many emotions and happenings of life. With short sentences, and bold images, Newman traces the Read More

Pretend You’re a Cat

Citation: Marzollo, J., & Pinkney, J. (1990). Pretend You’re a Cat. New York: Dial Books for Young Readers.   Ages: 4 - 8 Grades: PreK - 8 Description:  Pretend You’re a Cat invites readers and listeners to move like various animals: a cat, a dog, a fish, and a bee. Marzollo uses a repetitive rhyming Read More

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