Citation: O’Connor, J., & James, A. (2007). Ready, set, skip! New York: Viking.Ready, Set, Skip

Ages: 2 – 8

Grades: PreK – 2

Description: Ready, Set, Skip! is the story of a young girl who does not know how to skip. She does, however, know how to do many things, such as: twirling, hopping, and leaping.  Eventually, her mother teachers her how to skip: “hop on one foot/then the other”.   O’Connor tells the young girl’s story in short, upbeat, rhyming text, that is paired with detailed charcoal images.

Uses: Ready, Set, Skip is ideal for a preschool, family, or younger elementary aged program. Librarians can read the book, and then ask listeners to do all of the activities mentioned in the text. Librarians can also ask students to skip, and to teach each other how to skip.  This book could also easily be adjusted to use with differently-abled adults and teens.

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Tags: differently-abled, exercise, outside