Citation: Page, R.  and Jenkins, S. (2006). Move! Boston Mass.: HMH Books for Young Readers.Move!

Ages: 3-9

Grades: PreK – 3

Description: In Move! readers are introduced to a number of animals, and how they move. Whales dive, gibbons swing, and snakes slither. The book also features a description of each animal and its habits.  The book is illustrated in with large, colorful images of each animal, with text mirroring how the animals move.

Uses: Move! is ideal for a preschool or family storytime. It could also be read to younger elementary school children in conjunction with a science lesson about animals. The description of how the animals move begs children and other listeners to get up and mimic the movements. Librarians and teachers can ask students to mimic the movements during the story, or after during an activity. The facts about each animal in the story make the book ideal for a lesson about animals for younger children.

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