Citation: Guber, T., Kalish, L., & more, & 0. (2005). Yoga Pretzels. Bath, UK; Cambridge, MA: Barefoot Books. Yoga Pretzels

Ages: 4+

Grades: PreK +

Description: Yoga Pretzels is a deck of fifty cards that was developed and published as a companion to Baptiste’s My Daddy is a Pretzel. The deck of cards is divided into nine different sections that can help focus practice, such as:  breathe, game, balance, stand, and forward bend.

Uses: Yoga Pretzels can be used by librarians and teachers to add programs and activities to storytimes. Students can pick cards for the group, or librarians and teachers can. Yoga Pretzels would give students an opportunity to be active in deciding what happens in the storytime. Yoga Pretzels can also be used with adults and teens who are differently abled. This resource would make a great additional activity in a storytime with a book about yoga.

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