Citation: Buckley, A. (2006). The Kids’ Yoga Deck: 50 Poses and Games. San Francisco: Chronicle Books. Kids Yoga Deck

Age: 4 and Up

Grades: PreK and Up

Description: The Kids’ Yoga Deck teachers yoga poses and related activities that have been specifically designed and adapted for children (Buckley, 2006). Each card encourages children to try a different activity, pose, or breathing exercise.  The cards are color coordinated based upon skill and experience level, with instructions as to which cards to use first.  Each card includes a picture of the activity, a description, and ideas of other related activities.

Use: The Kids’ Yoga Deck can be used by teachers and librarians for groups and individuals. Cards and activities on the cards can be used as part of a larger storytime program, or a set of cards and the associated ideas can comprise one whole program centered on yoga, breathing, stretching, and/or movement.  Since the deck is a set of flashcards, they could also be used in programs/games where participants draw a card, and then the group has to do the activity or pose on the card.

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