StoryWalk® Week 2021

In November 2021, Let’s Move in Libraries joined the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services for the first ever week-long event celebrating the inspiring work of librarians who spearhead StoryWalk® programs – promoting literacy, reading, health, exercise, and movement in communities and neighborhoods across the United States and the world.

Between August and November 2021 we received nearly 500 submissions for public librarians in 49 states, the District of Columbia, and over a dozen from other countries.

We invited submissions of all StoryWalk® programs and variations, including Story Strolls, Story Trails, PoetryWalks: Whatever you call it – if it involves reading materials posted along paths – we wanted to feature it!

This webpage contains all the photo submissions we received!

See all the featured stories in the following Twitter Collections:

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We want to invite you to join us in this visual celebration of library StoryWalks from across the United States, and the world! You can also download our StoryWalk® Week 2021 Database to see all the submissions organized by state.

You can also see all submissions on the social media of the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services by using the #StoryWalkWeek hashtag.




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The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. StoryWalk® is a registered service mark owned by Ms. Ferguson. Learn more about the StoryWalk® movement and get started on our resource page.

Anne Ferguson herself joined in the StoryWalk® Week Celebration, sending us this flyer for a program she did for the week in Montpelier, Vermont.

The StoryWalk provides a nice space to host programs with other organizations, especially now with the pandemic. Our StoryWalk has been in place at Oak Ridge park since December of 2016. Not too long ago while our Director was out changing the title she came across two visitors, enjoying the activity. Eaton Rapids Michigan

Makes literacy available at any time for our community. It also gets participants to visit a beautiful gem of a place. North Hero, Vermont

Greenup County Public Libraries, Kentucky
The Story Walk has been a great opportunity for us to reach our community at all ends of the county.

Our StoryWalk® is made possible in partnership with the Chillicothe Park District and local design company, Owens Design Group. By partnering with the park district we are able to expand our reach to community members who would not ordinarily interact with the library. The StoryWalk also serves to promote the ample parks, nature trails, and outdoor amenities the community has to offer. And through our partnership with Owens Design Group, we are able to support a local business and foster community success and growth. Chillicothe Public Library District, Illinois

It’s a great way to engage the entire community and reach people who we might not see in the library itself. This was a project that I had been wanting to do for years, and thanks to community sponsorships, the dream became a reality! La Grande, Oregon

Our StoryWalk® is an opportunity to read outdoors even when the library is not open. Also, our location borders on a Nature Trail and people that come to walk can add an entertaining moment with a story. The Guest Book at the end receives many compliments. “Clinton Community Library has a great crew of people who pitch in and set up our StoryWalk®. Our town highly supports our programs and this is a very visible one.

We were able to get funding from our Trustees for our StoryWalk in the middle of the COVID pandemic shutdown while people were not allowed to enter the library. We are so happy to be able to provide a safer, outdoor, literacy-based activity on the library grounds for our community during a time like this. It has been extremely well received, and continues to be well utilized now that we have reopened to the public. The StoryWalk has such a broad appeal, and that includes those who might not be regular library users. Because of this, the StoryWalk enables us broaden our outreach – and that is a big positive during this time in history. Newbury Town Library, Byfield, Massachusetts

We only have one at the Main branch location. We are planning on installing temporary ones in the surrounding towns. Hardin County Public Library, Kentucky

The StoryWalk is in a very popular park in town. We have used it as a offsite location for programs. We even held a mini-golf fundraiser at the StoryWalk. Plainfield Public Library

Our StoryWalk is a community collaboration. Conceived by a local scout for his Eagle Scout project, the Elmhurst Public Library and Elmhurst Park District supported his efforts to promote early literacy, physical activity, and family time in nature within our community. The Library assisted in choosing the story and creating the story panels, while the Park District permitted the use of one of their parks. The Eagle Scout prototyped the display panels, coordinated with stakeholders, raised funds, and built the display stands as part of his project.

A collaboration between Cedar River Academy (part of the Cedar Rapids Community School District), Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation, and the Cedar Rapids Public Library, this StoryWalk encourages the children at the school to combine their physical needs during recess with a connection to the library by reading the stories in the StoryWalk. It also draws the community to an underutilized park, benefiting all three involved organizations. The first book included in the StoryWalk was written and illustrated by four students at Cedar River Academy, and published by the Cedar Rapids Public Library. Copies of the story are available in all area libraries, in the school library, and all students received a copy of their own.

It brings the Library outside and in front of residents that might not venture to the Library. It also encouraged community companionship, as different businesses and volunteer groups supported the installation of the program. Town of Ballston Community Library

Our Storywalk is a permanent storywalk in one of our parks that has a walking path. We change the story 4 times a year, once each season. After we change the story, we have a special storytime where we walk the storywalk as a group. Our storywalk also has activity suggestions on each page. So kids are encouraged to run, twirl, skip, etc., to the next page; or they are asked to find something on the page or share something about the story with the person they are with. We add a lot of interactive elements to the storywalk to keep children moving and thinking.


Duncan Public Library Duncan Oklahoma Facebook @duncan.okla Instagram @duncanpubliclibrary The uniqueness of a StoryWalk brings the library to the attention of those who may not know they could use our services. The availability of it outdoors at all hours and the promotion of Spanish and physical and mental activity show that we are reaching out to various parts of the community with varied interests. Ours is bilingual with Spanish and English books and written mental/physical activities.

Angier Public Library Angier North Carolina Our StoryWalk got started as a temporary setup as we were just starting to reopen to the public during Covid. Working hand in hand with our parks and rec as well as public works department, we were able to install a permanent fixture of 20 posts in November of 2020. We received donations of the posts from a hardware store and money for the plexiglass from a local non-profit for children. We change the story every 3-4 weeks all year long. The feedback we have received from our community has been so positive and inspiring. Families that check the park weekly for a new story, adults using the walking path who also read the story. Every time we change the story we are stopped by visitors to the park to thank us for providing this to Angier. Sometimes we even have kids following us to read the new story as we put it up. When sports are in season, we have been able to give parents with siblings a fun activity while waiting for a practice to end. This has absolutely been the best project our library has ever taken on.

Camas Public Library Camas Washington We partnered with local businesses.

Büchereizentrale Schleswig-Holstein Flensburg Other n/a Look here:

Des Plaines Public Library Des Plaines Illinois. Des Plaines Public Library has been thrilled to partner with Des Plaines Park District for our StoryWalk project. We have had feedback from community members that enjoyed visiting the StoryWalks at the parks in our area, and we will continue to install them at different sites, featuring different books with corresponding activities. An unexpected benefit throughout the pandemic was the outreach they created as instant outdoor programs, as well as a way for families, camps, daycares, and other small groups to safely meet up for a walk and a bit of fun when gathering became safe again.

Marion Public Library Marion Iowa. Our permanent StoryWalk(R) is changed out on a monthly basis. It not only promotes literacy outside the walls of the library, but it encourages physical health and enjoyment of the outdoors while promoting diverse books on a beautiful city park trail that is accessible for all. It is thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. In a year that had already been difficult due to the pandemic, Marion Public Library was destroyed beyond repair by a derecho (essentially a land hurricane) in August 2020. Our staff and our community were devastated; the lack of a permanent library made it even harder to reach our community members. Our StoryWalk(R), developed in partnership with Marion’s Parks and Recreation department, was a ray of hope for all of us as we struggled to heal from the double trauma that occurred last year. It has been a true gift to the community.

Harvard Illinois @HarvardDigginsLibrary (Facebook) The Harvard Community Storywalk is an excellent way for families in our community to get active and reading together. Located in Lions Park right outside the Library, the StoryWalk encourages literacy through engaging stories presented in both English and Spanish. Our StoryWalk was provided by a generous gift from the H’Arts (Harvard Arts) organization and installation was provided by volunteer workers Pep Saucedo and Joel Kriete. Community members continue to provide sponsorship for ongoing monthly StoryWalk book selections.

Carthage Missouri We are fortunate to have a small park next door to our library. It is close to downtown, and host to many local events: Food Truck Friday, Art and Music programs and our Farmers’ Market, just to name a few. We set up different stories next to the sidewalks throughout most of the year. Southwest Missouri can have snow one day, and 60 degrees the next, so we try to leave them out as long as possible.

Intervale New Hampshire http: // It’s a wonderful way for the family to read and play together. We feel that early exposure to simple outdoor activity in a family setting will encourage lifelong healthy habits. Exercise for the brain and body. Our story is a half mile trail system the story is changed every Wednesday and open year round.

Sturgis Michigan. Our early Spring StoryWalk(R) was located at a county park with a walking trail. It brought families from multiple areas out to participate. Our Summer Poetry Walk was located at a city park/playground. We had 2nd-12th grade teachers submit student poems for the walk. Then we had local artists illustrate the poems. It was a great success! Our storyboards are movable. We made them using anchor type augers attached to the 4×4’s so that we could easily move the StoryWalk(R) boards to different places in our community.

Lake Forest Illinois @LakeForestLibrary Brings patrons to library and other outdoor venues. Collaboration with schools.

Fredonia Kansas. We are on an Early Childhood Committee, and we host events for children ages 0-5. We use our Story Path as a staging area and use the story as a theme for activities for the little ones. We also use the Story Path to feature events happening in our community by using a similarly themed story. We also have a painted rock garden and are adding picnic tables soon!

Crawfordville Florida Wakulla County Public Library We use QR codes that link to videos of my coworker and myself reading that story board. The funds to implement this project were provided by our wonderful friends group.

Pilot Mountain North Carolina Storywalks are designed to help people who like to read become more physically active and people who like to be active learn to enjoy reading. We are excited to expand the storywalk program to include new locations and partner with our local parks because we will be able to reach a more diverse group of people and remind them that the library offers so much more than shelves of books. The library is here for the entire community to help each individual grow and prosper through connecting people with the resources that allow them to achieve their goals.

Commerce Texas. Our Storywalk in the City Park offers new stories monthly along with information about the Public Library.

Altus Oklahoma. The StoryWalk(R) has been an amazing outreach tool for our library. Altus Public Library partnered with Parks & Rec and Altus Elementary School for a field day at the StoryWalk(R) park. Each class got to participate in a fun and engaging story around the path followed by field games. The StoryWalk(R) provides a unique opportunity for our library to engage our patrons outside the library. Not only are we promoting literacy, we are promoting healthy life style activities. Our StoryWalk(R) symbolizes community. It was truly a community effort to bring the StoryWalk(R) to our local park. Our library partnered with several different community organizations. The pride in the young welding student’s face beamed as they saw their stands that they fabricated, in our park. I am very thankful for our community efforts.

Clarinda Iowa . Connects users at our main park with the library and literacy

8 Photos Inset – Greetings From Altoona, KS

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