Citation: Davies, Abby and Dormand, M. (2010). My First Yoga: Animal Poses. Cambridge, MA: My First Yoga. My First Yoga

Ages:  5 – 12

Grades: Kindergarten – Grade 5

Description: My First Yoga: Animal Poses leads readers through different yoga poses connected to animals.  The text is very instructional and informative, with corresponding pictures demonstrating each movement.

Uses:  My First Yoga: Animal Poses would be a useful text for in a small group, or individual session. It would be better suited for older/elementary aged children, and would be a demonstration of how books can be instructional guides for working out. My First Yoga: Animal Poses could also be used as a supplemental book to another storytime introducing yoga and movement. It could also be used on a book display about movement.

Review Sources: none.  Only customer reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Tags: yoga, differently-abled, animals