Citation: Khalsa, Shakta Kaur. (1998). Fly Like a Butterfly: Yoga for Children.  Portland, Or: Rudra Press. Fly like a butterfly

Ages: 4 – 10

Grades: PreK – 4

Description: Fly Like a Butterfly: Yoga for Children is an instructional yoga book for children and the adults who are are interested in teaching children yoga for health benefits. Khalsa includes different poses in the book, accompanied by short stories or images to help the child focus on the pose. The book includes photos of children doing each pose, as well as an explanation of how yoga and each pose can be beneficial to the children who practice it.

Uses:  Librarians and teachers can use Fly Like a Butterfly: Yoga for Children as an instructional tool to accompany picture books about yoga and storytime activities. The book can be talked in book talks for adults who want to learn more about how to to do yoga with their children. This book can also be put on display and suggested to parents during or after storytimes that feature music and movement.

Review Sources: none.

Tags: yoga, non-fiction, parents and children