Citation: Schwarzenegger, A., & Gaines, C. (1993). Arnold’s Fitness for Kids Ages Birth-5: A Guide to Health, Exercise, and Nutrition. New York: Doubleday. 

Ages: birth – 5

Grades: PreK

Description: Arnold’s Fitness for Kids Ages Birth – 5: A Guide to Health, Exercise, and Nutrition is a guide to the basics of health and exercise for young children.  The book, targeted more towards adults who care for young children, also provides age appropriate exercises with instructional pictures and line drawings.  The book emphasizes the importance of fun and play as crucial in teaching children to love exercise.  Arnold’s Fitness for Kids Ages Birth – 5 is the first in a trilogy of books aimed at promoting exercise and nutrition to children.

Uses: Librarians, teachers, and other adults can use Arnold’s Fitness for Kids as a guide for planning age specific programming that promotes health and nutrition. Librarians can teach children the exercises provided within, and can share concepts of exercise with children. The book can also be used during a family storytime, to teach parents more about nutrition and children’s health. The text can also be used in displays during Read and Reach themed storytimes, and in parenting guides.

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Tags: exercise, non-fiction, parents and children