Citation: Schwarzenegger, A., & Gaines, C. (1993). Arnold’s Fitness for Kids Ages 6 – 10: A Guide to Health, Exercise, and Nutrition. New York: Doubleday.

Ages: 6-10

Grades: K – 5

Description:  Arnold’s Fitness for Kids Ages 6-10: A Guide to Health, Exercise, and Nutrition is a guide to staying active and healthy eating for elementary aged children.  The book includes instructions for simple, age-appropriate exercises, complete with pictures and line drawings.

Uses: Librarians and teachers can use Arnold’s Fitness for Kids Ages 6-10, as inspiration for including appropriate exercises and activities into elementary aged programs. The book can also be used in book talks and book displays for elementary aged children. The text may also be useful for developing active programming for differently-abled adults and teens.

Review Sources:

Morning, T. (1993). Book review: Grades 3-6. School Library Journal, 39(8), 183.

Tags: non-fiction, exercise, differently-abled