Citation: Mainland, P. E., & Perry, C. (1998). A yoga parade of animals: a first fun picture book of yoga. Shaftesbury: Element Children’s Books. Yoga Parade of Animals

Ages: 4 – 9

Grades: PreK – 5

Description:  A Yoga Parade of Animals teaches children different yoga poses, named after animals. The book includes pictures of the animal, and then pictures of children doing the explained pose.  The text instructs children on how to execute each mentioned pose, and has bright drawings, and clear photographs.

Uses:  A Yoga Parade of Animals could be used in a specifically yoga based program, as a guide. Librarians and teachers could use the book to instruct children in different poses. The book would also be an ideal display book for a program featuring a more story-focused book that features movement. For example, Cronin’s Stretch and My Daddy is a Pretzel could be the featured reading in a program, with A Yoga Parade of Animals as one of the display items for participants to check out after the program has concluded.

Review Sources:

Stone, L. W., & jones, T. E. (1998). Preschool to Grade 4: Nonfiction. School Library Journal, 44(11), 107.

Tags:  non-fiction, yoga, animals